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Will Khoury Presets

I am so excited to share my personal editing presets with photographers who want to create a great look and timeless feel to their photos. The presets are designed to give you a consistent edit throughout each gallery and across your work to create a signature look. They feature overall rich warm tones, soft highlights, sublte cool hues with a contrasty finish that will make your subject pop.

My goal from every edit is to deliver photos that stand the test of time. The presets are dynamic & developed with versatility in mind so your photos look beautiful on screen & in print. They are easy to use and will streamline your editing workflow so you spend less time editing, and more time shooting!

WKpresets have been tested on many images from a variety of photographers to assure compatibility with different camera brands, shooting styles, lighting situations, and adaptability to different environments. 

WKpresets - Heirloom Pack
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WKpresets - Final Touches
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The "Heirloom Pack" is my go-to presets for everything that I edit. It is all you need to edit your photos.
Photos are then refined using the set of actions from the "Final Touches" pack that will expedite and finesse your editing.
Together, they achieve an edit that is clean & polished with beautiful tones. 
 If you're interested in both packs, follow the link below to get them at once in the "Everything" pack.

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Can't wait to see what you create!

Here are some examples:

Things you need to know about the presets:

  • WKpresets are not meant to be "one click" editing presets; some photos will require adjustments (Exposure, White Balance, Contrast etc.) to make sure they are tweaked to your liking.
  • The presets are made for Adobe Lightroom only, and they will not work with Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). Once the presets are applied in LR, an image can be edited in Photoshop with the presets applied to the image. 
  • The presets work best with for RAW and DNG files. 
  • WKpresets are based on the Adobe Standard Calibration profile, which is compatible with most camera systems.
  • All sales are final. No returns or exchanges (installation and instruction guides are included in each purchase).

For questions, please email me at presets@willkhoury.com
Thank you & happy editing!